Benchmark CC Resolution issues

Trying to achieve a true 1440p image but no matter what i do the image seems to be lower than what im trying to get it to be , edges are jagged and details are blurry . Before your said turn on AA that is not the issue . at 1440p there should still be a clear image and make out details on characters , but this shit is so blurry on a 55inch tv . Why cant sega just make a fullscren mode inside the game like every other fucking game but noo they need our data , so someone tell me how to fix this issue because if the game comes out like this i have no interest in spending money on a character so blurry i cant even see my accessories alt text this screen shot is supposed to be in " 4K " does that look 4k to you ? but the settings say 4k and the user settings say 4k so it must be 4k but thats not 4k

did you try configuring the environment settings in the launcher? For advanced users, you might also have to create a GPU profile, AMD or NVDIA, for the application to set upscaling to 4K or so. I use NVDIA and created a custom profile and adjusted settings for when I launch anything PSO2 related; there are some videos and tutorials on how to do that on YouTube.

Thanks for the reply , can you give me a title to search for cause i need to do that i have AMD i have never messed with the upscaling before

Well i tried upscaling and nothing seems to work i guess this engine is just shit im tired of this shit they cant get the resolution right but god forbid something happens to the ac shop and its fixed but resolution nah who plays in 4k anyway ? this makes no fucking sense that i have to force my computer to play at higher resolutions but even when i do that nothing still a blurry ass fucking game this pisses me off cause i spend so much money and they cant get this right

True 4k image alt text

pso2 ngs '4k' alt text

Hopefully this is just an issue with the benchmark and the closed beta and in the full game you can adjust resolution cause if not im going to be angry as hell on this forum . I SHOULDN'T have to be able to upscale my game in order to get higher resolutions this isn't a game from the 1990s . FIX THIS SHIT

You need to change your DPI settings on the exe file where you installed the game.

Open the folder that you installed the game in, right click on PSO2, then click properties, then compatibility, then click change high DPI settings, then tick override high scaling behaviour, then push okay. Apply it and then it will look better.

Or you could open Display Settings and change scale and layout to 100%, but doing the above is more of a permanent fix.

@HermitST OMGGGG THANK YOU finally someone with knowledge thanks it works with the dpi settings and scaling down to 100 made it so clear