"Importing" your PSO2 character to NGS benchmark tool (PC)

It's a pretty straightforward process: In your My Docs folder, there will be a SEGA folder and a sub-folder that contains all the logs and customizations for whichever version of PSO2 you have installed (steam would be C:\Users\ (windows username)\Documents\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA_STEAM)

If you haven't already done so, go to the salon in PSO2 and use the option (toward the bottom of the option list) to save your current character data. The resulting filename will be whatever you typed into the name box, and the file extension will be based on the race--either .FCP, .FHP, or .FNP

Copying your character file to the PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NGS_CHARACTERCREATOR_NA folder will make it available to load into the new character creator. Note that the creator will complain about everything that isn't available to a new player...

It does work, but the bodies aren't an exact match. I had to adjust my character heavily to not get her to look like a full on derp face.

And then trying to get the NGS face to even remotely resemble the PSO2 face was a nightmare. NGS's supposedly limitless PC creation feels very limited compared to PSO2. There's so few actual face type bases and the lack of face paints makes creating my freckled Newman essentially impossible. The number of hair styles is laughable in comparison. PSO2 has like what 20+ base hair styles, NGS doesn't even have half that. Mouths are flexible in pose but limited in actual lip shape and thickness No matter what, you can't see to get your character to not have that stupid duck face mouth. The ears can't be made thin at the tip either. There needs to be more base shapes to modify instead of just a few per race.

https://www.screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/14340 This is the closest I could get, and she still looks very derpy. If it wasn't for that massive seam line at the neck, the OT face would look fine TBH. Once it has clothes on it looks a lot better anyway. Thankfully as you show it's very easy to import your existing character.

To clarify the part of this that gave me a little trouble, your PSO2 character data needs to be added into the folder the character creator makes inside your documents folder.

Which should be at:


Don't be like me and try to put your character data inside the actual install folder even though it has the same name as the correct folder.

And no I don't know why I thought to put my character data inside the install folder. I should have thought about how PSO2 saves character data in documents rather than the install folder.

I was excited to see my old pso2 character come to life in the NGS Char Creator. Thanks for posting this, it was simple enough to read and perform. I'm hoping that once the engine is updated, that we will be able to adjust other parameters when dragging the char data over. Otherwise, you're pretty locked into the existing settings unless you try to recreate them. Time consuming, but not impossible.