We NEED more default makeup in NGS!

Seriously, how is it that there is ONE ugly lipstick color and ONE ugly blush in the default character creator stuff? PSO2 original had two shades of red, pink, orange, green, blue, purple and black, plus three different types of blush and such.

You guys NEED to add this kind of stuff to the default character options. It's simply absurd that we have fewer customization options for NGS faces than we did at the launch of the original PSO2. I mean, there's a LOT missing, but the makeup is the most glaring omission.

It's obvious they plan to monetize even more by having all those previously default makeups be in AC Scratches. Remember all those default scars? They were in the Oracle Renew Collection scratches, and they showed in today's livestream that the lipstick colors (except black) will be in one of the first NGS scratches.

Yup, they going for monetization for character creator on NGS. Already happening with the 5 Oracle Renew Collections on JP, and the prologue 4 stream showing plenty of things that would have probably been free in PSO2 like hover motion etc but is monetized in NGS.


Well... That's certainly a load of bullshit.

@Not-A-Bear Yep. Between the lipstick, facial hair, and freckles not being available as default, the updated character creation is just super frustrating knowing that they plan to monetize things that we had access to for free for years with the PSO2classic faces.


Do we know if the makeups will be AC or SG scratch?

@Not-A-Bear Both. They showed a bunch, including the lipstick, from the AC Scratches, but there were also some in the SG Scratch, like Garoa's scar and chin stubble.

To be honest, we need to just be able to add lip color.