Keeping track of what's recolorable?

Is there any easy way to easily recognize what is recolorable in each variant? I was going through all the Oracle Scratches Japan has gotten so far and it's been really hard for me to keep track.

It's something I struggled with in the CBT too and I don't know if I'm just missing something obvious or overthinking it, but any help in that regard would be great.

There isn't really any way to tell at a glance without being in the Salon, unfortunately. For those that have multiple duplicates (ie. /2, /3, /4), you can make an educated guess since those tend to have both colors changed between all duplicates, but for the ones with variants (ie. /B, /B2), for some reason they only seem to have one color changed while the other is the same on the duplicates.

Adding to what AndrlCh said, there's some cases that we can't tell the colorable parts even for the numbered variations.

For example the N-カナギマイヒメ[Se] in the following scratch (it's Divine Dancer in global I guess),

all color variations has the first recolorable color set to white, so however we stare at the color samples, we can't tell the exact recolorable parts.

This is a pretty troublesome part of NGS fashion, I feel...

That is... definitely confusing and I hope something they adjust (and hey, maybe as a repurpose when Fresh Finds ends, it can be a "what's recolorable" thread). I am at least a bit relieved to know I'm not just missing something x-x

I guess I'll just note things down and hope I get the right one, but I'd probably not use any prize select tickets unless I knew for sure.