Character Creation Benchmark Releases Today!! (POST YOUR CHARACTERS HERE!)


And if you need to focus on a specific part of your character, just hold Ctrl and drag the lmb to bring them up/down

So thats how you do that @Kofi9867 . I plugged in a controller and used the left analog stick to do that because I couldn't figure out how to move it with MnKB. Like the OP, my buttons at the bottom are displayed as controller buttons.

@FoolsArcana so are mine funnily enough, I only remembered the controls because of beta xD

(Screenshot 2021-06-01 132450.png Screenshot 2021-06-01 132347.png image url)

I just remade my PSO2 character.pso20210525_111738_001.png pso20210525_111728_000.png

@Kofi9867 Thanks for your help with the keyboard/mouse controls, I was able to go back in and properly tweak my body and actually see what was really happening under all the armor!

Returning player here just got back in due to NGS nearing release I'll admit I'm not that good when it comes to creativity but I made my male character look decent, sadly no skinny pony tail similar to Xiao's Hair but it'll do for now.

pso20210602_195444_004.png pso20210602_195227_003.png

Gave my old character an upgrade for NGS. I'll tweak it more when I have all my accessories handy.

Original for reference: Cool Pose.jpg

NGS, using male CAST parts: pso20210602_174821_008.jpg pso20210602_174936_010.jpg pso20210602_174706_005.jpg

I've essentially just been trying to make a NGS-version of my character to begin with (the one in the middle)-- I'm not sure if I've succeeded in getting close enough though (left is first attempt, right is most recent attempt). Character Appearance

Though, I guess I won't have the outfit for a while since I won't be creating a new character.

Hoping for better ponytails at some point though.

I Haven't created any new chars, I just wanted to test the benchmark and the results seems kinda weird. First pass at Low gave me a score of around 1200. Then I tried the Mid level and it gave me a stable 40-60 (up to over 70) FPS and a total score of over 3400. Then I went up to High settings and I got around 1200 again with around 19 to a bit over 30 FPS. Then I lowered it again to Mid and again I've got a total score of over 3400 with the same FPS as the previous Mid lvl test. So I guess having it at lower levels isn't always the best thing. On a side note I noticed that in the CBT as well, when I raised the lvl a bit it went smoother (aside from looking better). I'll post my own char when I have time to carefully make one.

I like that character, she is very cute.

Please note that there's a YouTuber who found a way to add PSO2 character outfit item files into the NGS Benchmark.

Because it utilizes a third party software on the demo version of an unreleased game, try not to share the link on the forums.

Only posting this so the mods can know if they need to know this sort of thing in advance.

Thanks everyone for reading the ping! Carry on.

(It's only a four day wait anyways, so please be patient.)

All these characters do look super nice, though.

After doing this for weeks, I'm sort of satisfied. I just want to use my other hairstyles lol.