S5: Life V Adaptation

Grants bonuses when your max HP is at 1000 and every 500 max HP afterwards, up to 3000 HP, as follows: 1000 HP: Reduces damage taken by 5%. 1500 HP: Recover 5% of your maximum HP every 10s. 2000 HP: Increase damage by 0.4% for every 10% of max HP remaining. (min: 0%, max: 4%) 2500 HP: Recover 30 HP on attack. 3000 HP: Become immune to knockback.

If my max HP is 2000 without and 3000 with overload (S6:Overflowing Life V) as a fighter, do I get all buffs once overloard is active? Technically my max hp is 3000, but its limited to 25% of it.

If I am interpreting it correctly from the S-wiki, it looks like the S5 treats your 25% HP as its reference point when using Overload, so even with Overflowing Life, it calculates based on you having 750HP instead of 3000HP. Apparently, it does the same thing if you are effected by Injury (ie. that status ailment that reduces your max HP that enemies like Falz Hyunal can cause).

Well thats underwhelming. Thanks for the help.

Probably AndrlCh is right; in a different case, I have 2.5K HP, but with Guts Drink or Techter buff I can get 3.1K HP and am able to get all the S5 bonuses, non-fighter class though. Try it out though; shouldn't be that costly. In any state as long as you see your Max HP at or above 3K, the S5 works (in my cases it has, but I don't play fighter).

I cannot change my S5 easily because both weapons (rivalate & kraz) are affixed and there is no other s5 weapon available for sgrade transfer, because the system is super autistic. It is the same issue if you change your weapon type and want the weapon specific s5.

What AndrlCh said about JP Swiki is correct. According to them, S5: Life V Adaptation treats 25% of HP as the "max HP" while overloaded.


Still, if you want to check it out, playing solo on Anga route of challenge quest Violent Tremor to get Fluxio wand is a fairly easy way to get S5 supporting weapon. Even a casual player like me could do it.

I use this on my fighter and it is correct, the 25% is treated as your max so you lose most if not all of your benefits. (Overload S6 can keep one or two of them.) My advise, use Hunter Sub-class and use Hunter Physique alongside Overload along with S4 Lifesteal Strike.