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Can you add a tech review section from the eyes of a techer?

I did with the Te elements. there is really not much reason to use Fo elements for DPS other than status ailments and Wand Element changing

I can´t wait for your updated guide Cathy sensei

Hello, i am actually playing in the EU steam server. The cap is 80 right now, so i think we're in the middle of episode 4. What 13* weapon do u recommend me to get? Ray wand? or Nemesis wand? Also is brissa units good? should i make all the pieces up to +10? Thanks.

Brissa is ok but you should get yourself a set of 12* units

12* Austere or Ray units should be fine

For weapons just get yourself a Nemesis & Slave, they're at EP5 powerlevel and you'll need them later

12* Austere or ray units are not in the game yet (i think so, i tried to search 12* on personal shop and nothing appeard) As for weapon, allright i'll get a slave first. Thank you for the advice 🙂

@Eruugor Ray units exist in the Rising weapon badge shop. 12* units aren't tradeable in NA yet so you'll never find it on shop. Austere 12* is something I heard but can't confirm myself.

Ah you meant circuray? then yes, i'm seeing them in the rising weapon badge, so they are good to have as a Te/Hu?

Why is multi preferred on shifta and deband over concentrated on a Techer main? I've seen it recommended in a few places but I'm not sure why. Isn't the cap 3 min no matter what because of long arm & extended assist? I'm just starting the class so it may become apparent later on. Thanks.

@Grimme Multi shifta ticks 0,3s faster than regular shifta, that means you get 4 ticks 1,2 seconds faster. Multi Shifta is better due to speed alone.

Thanks for the help.

Hello! Do you by any chance know if Abundant Resta is bugged on EN or something? It's supposed to have Area+1.00m and (MAX Hit +1) as a level 3 benefit, but neither of those are in the level 3 craft Description.

Thanks !

@TeeHunter13 Range increase should be listed in the "Special" tab

Tick increase isn't listed even on JP but it does add a tick. Transparency? What are thooose?

@Cathy Great guide and thanks for your work!

Might I ask you to share some of your math / theorycraft / thoughts behind Ramegid Zero and Tech/Hu from NA point of view?

My build is only halfway together, but as of now I'm feeling it to be pretty situational and not the bread and butter your guide seems to imply (and charging it also messes with my wand element).

@Lersayil Te/Hu isn't bread and butter of the class. I never said it is. Te/Hu is just bread. Tasty bread, but just bread. Te/Fo is just Butter, very nasty.

Bread and Butter is a hybrid build since that's what Techter is.

As for Damage, while not entirely accurate, a pure Tech DPS rotation, using Te/Ph as reference since most stable damage multi, will net you about only 80% of Wand DPS on targets that aren't moving.

Techniques are a great source of damage on very fast moving targets & targets that are too far away to hit with the Wand (for example, the final raid boss of EP4).

Te/Hu has almost 0 Tech Damage multipliers (a measly 10% and that never applies to the first Tech casted). so their Tech DPS ends up being so low that besides Ramegid type-0 there is really no point to invest into Techniques on that class combo as it prevents you from normal attacking, which is a far stronger DPS rotation. Stuff like this is why I'd a strong advocate of people trying Te/Fi instead of Te/hu as it can do both.

As for Ramegid changing element there is really nothing you can do about it other than wait for Phantom to drop. With its "Tech Short Charge" Skill, techniques will have their charge time cut in half so switching elements real quick after a Ramegid wont be as bothersome.