Cathy's Techter Guide

From what I found, Wand bonuses on Techter 40% of tatk to satk 10% for rare weapons 240% bonus on explosion on t-atk 40% all atk bonus

Slave Wand 1380 satk 1345 tatk

((1380 + (1345*1.4)) + (1345 * 2.4) * 1.4 *1.1) Total: 7,924.84

Slave Gunblade 1170 satk 1170 ratk Strezwei lv 1 1428%(pure satk version)

Total: 17,316

Even if you can wand wack twice in the time frame that it takes for strezwei to finish, that's still technically under the gunblade

Im fairly certain I'm missing something, but currently from what I found, the wand vs a boss wouldn't be recommended.

I realized my formula is wrong the first 1.4 is a .4 due to 40% boost

Your calculation is wack and you forget about a lot of Aspects.

First of All Wand Normal attacks have a 336%, 300% and 370% Damage notation which you didn't include despite including 240% for Photonic Fury.

Secondly you completely ignore Gunblade related multipliers which practically don't exist on Techter.

by your own formula (and for the benefit of the doubt lets say this is just one Wand strike):

((1380 + (1345*0.4)*3.36) + (1345 * 2.4) * 1.4 *1.1) = 14894

But like you said the melee version of Schertzwei is kinda long, 104 Frames to be exact. Meanwhile an entire Wand normal attack combo (using 3 normal attacks) is 108 Frames. So if we want a fair comparison you need to consider all 3 Wand attacks.

  • ((1380 + (1345*0.4)*3.36) + (1345 * 2.4) * 1.4 *1.1) = 14894
  • ((1380 + (1345*0.4)*3.30) + (1345 * 2.4) * 1.4 *1.1) = 14717
  • ((1380 + (1345*0.4)*3.70) + (1345 * 2.4) * 1.4 *1.1) = 15898
  • Total: 45,509

Even if we apply the 10% damage increase from Rare weapon mastery, Schertzwei is only doing 19,047 in comparison. less than half damage. And this is just surface level stuff. real comparison would require way WAAAY more factors to be considered as well as the correct damage formula.

@Cathy first 1.4 is incorrect as I can't edit my posts I made another post. It's .4 tatk. This however does little to note this and I appreciate the coverage of the dmg 🙂 I knew there was a normal attack boost but couldn't find it while working in the notes I found online

@Cathy sidenote can you pass me where that frame data is from? I like doing math

@Noctosis ah yes, I used 0.4 in my calculation, just didn't fix the formula in the Post.

you can usually look at the Japanese wiki for frame data

Hey i'm wondering out of the 13 star weapons out currently which is the one that I should be looking into getting. I was debating between Form Scythe and Nemesis but I was reading that Nemesis is better for future proofing because of austere weapons. I read your guide on the weapons and not sure what to pick between the 2. I'm also going Te/Hu. I also read around that wands aren't the best for Te/Hus to kill bosses and they usually run another weapon. Is that true?

@CutesyOak41953 Form Scythe is current BiS for Te/Hu specifically until Atlas or Lavis Cannon show up. Nemesis is BiS for any other Techter class combo and more future proof since you will be able to combine them to Austere 15* However if PSO2JP is any indication, Atlas Ex will be released at the same time as Austere and much stronger in comparison. Yesterday PSO2JP got patched and gave both Austere and Atlas Ex a new weapon potential to make them more relevant for EP6 content too. It's really up to you what path you chose.

Hi! I am new and want to try te/hu. As youve said, form scythe is the current bis in pso2 NA as weapon. But with the current update rate we are going, i figure higher tier weapons will release soon on NA.

Up to which episode content would form scythe be relevant? I dont want to spend hundred million for it to just become irrelevant when ep 5 or 6 comes which i think will be end of the year.

Is it future proof like nemesis weapon? I read your guide and said lavis will be my wet dream, how hard is it to farm lavis? Is it a drop or its crafted like atlas ex?

And how hard is it to farm atlas ex too?

Im scared that i wouldnt be able to solo profound darkness. As a te/hu is it easily soloable with decent gear?

Currently rocking full circuray set atm with +85 tech power on each. I can affix it to +85 melee power.

@fkingnametaken Yeah Form Scythe isn't future proof as it doesn't upgrade into anything.

Nemesis13* + Slavea13* + Ares14* + Invade13* = Austere 15*

This is a Grind you can start already and it will give you enough fire power for a good while. Austere even got a buffed potential this patch so I can't say it only lasts til early EP6 haha.

Val13* > Atlas 14*

This is a easy upgrade that (in JP) doesn't require a lot of investment. Can be started in EP5.

Lumiere14* + Atlas14* = Atlas Ex 15*

This upgrade is much more tougher but similarly to Austere this weapon got a new Potential this patch so it should be relevant for the majority of EP6.

There is always a chance NA will do things differently but yeah Nemesis & Slave would be future proof.

elemental precision hit for TE/HU? yes or no? it will boost wand dmg?

wich mastery boost light or dark? i think i can max both (once i get the mission skill points) , but still wich one to max first ?

@Warlyx all of that is answered in the guide...

Hi i wanted to ask, for L ring upgrades do i try to keep Melee and Tech upgrade the same or max Tech all the way?

on Te/Hu you go all MEL

on other class combos you go all TEC

Would i be doing much damage to myself building my techer towards techer/phantom setup and just doing techer/hunter until it's available?

Seems like i mostly would just be missing points in the raw stats skills which doesn't seem like a big deal Stuck with sigma until i unlock braver class boost too but that seems very temporary at the rate it's leveling

just for curiosities sake... does the phantom variant of sidestep plus work with wand lovers? Maybe things will change but that is my main method of survival atm