Cathy's Techter Guide

This has been a great guide, thanks for all the advice. Not gonna lie the survivability on Techer is pretty good as well.

Hi @Cathy , thanks for this amazing guide. it has been very helpful to me.

I just have one doubt. In the guide you mention that Te/Et should affix TEC pwr, but I use the wand a lot more so I was tinking on affix MEL pwr. It is ok for Te/Et to affix MEL pwr or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

@Arsoro86 TeEt has higher casting multipliers than melee ones. Really, you must not be missing a lot since the affixes will still give you both stats, but one will be higher than the other.

@Arsoro86 Et has great Tech multipliers so it gets priority.

For melee attack Tec goes into techniques like Ramegid Type-0 (which is a melee technique) and Photonic furies (which scale off of Tec) so you're not abandoning Melee completely by going Tec. On the other hand goin Mel completely abandons what i just mentioned and goes for single target melee hits only.

Inb4: "but why dont all Techter builds go for Tec then?"

In case of classes like Hunter Photonic furies and Techniques have Worse and Abyssmal Damage multipliers resspectively. On those classes going Mel is the only viable way of improving DPS.

Sorry for the late response.