Cathy's Techter Guide

@Cathy Sorry, I might've worded my question wrong. What I was pondering is if its even worth using Ramegid Zero on Te/Hu instead of just normal attacking and keeping up Zanverse in group situations.

Basically I'm pretty sure its not worth casting uncharged, but not quite sure if the full uptime damage charged cast is worth it + the extra time that it takes to switch back elements... and for the moment I lack the mechanical insight to do the math myself.

EDIT: did some Rockbear testing and napkin math. From eyeballing numbers, to me it seems to be worth casting fully charged + switching elements if I can guarantee ~8-10 seconds uptime on a single target. Roughly half if the target is weak to Dark. Naturally this isn't accounting for the 15 points that otherwise would be invested in raw stat skills instead of Dark damage.

@Lersayil yeah it is absolutely worth it. In order to speed it up you should targtet the fastest tech crafts to cast for element switching.

Are there more of these udated guides for the other classes? it would be great to have and translate them to spanish if there are any.

Unfortunately I don't know Spanish but feel free to translate mine if you wish.

@thread sorry for lack of updates. Work kept me busier for the past few weeks than I'd like it to. I will update the guide hopefully on time for global Episode 5 launch.

Hi everyone, just started playing last week. First char is a Te/Hu with Mel Mag Finally settled with trying to go for Te/Ph when it comes out in global, and made an alt to build a Dex Mag.

Question though, should I level the one with the dex mag and play as Te/Fi for the time being or continue playing Te/Hu char? I'm 50/50 on this


Couple of things.

Mags can not be transferred between characters so leveling a Dex Mag on your alt won't benefit your main. You will need to purchase a mag ticket from the AC Shop on your main instead (they are luckily pretty cheap).

Te/Fi will need a Tec Mag to benefit from the Tec damage multipliers it has on its skill tree. If you don't want to purchase another mag, keep playing Te/Hu, especially if you are enjoying it. It's going to be a while before we get Phantom.

@Shmyules ohh right. okay guess it'll be better to keep playing Te/Hu and buy the mag ticket to make a dex mag then 🙂

@Shmyules do you know if we will be seeing phantom before ep 6?.

Phantom released during EP6 launch

So are you still working on the updated guide? I have been waiting for your guide since you said it some days ago

Yes, I'm approximately 50% done with overhauling sections and adding new ones I wanted to add. I just need to have a day off where I can work on it in peace and works keeps eating all my time.

I did update the Google docs with level 90 skill trees though if you are interested. I'm sorry this is taking so long.

Do you know when we'll be getting an all-class harmonizer by the way? For the Summoner subclass option? Or is it already in the game?

I read either this class or another class with an all-class harmonizer was good for a bulky off-support build.

@coldreactive As of right now, we only have one Harmonizer that can be used by another class (in this case, Force), the Allure Venera from Apprengina.

We may not get the Rose Skewer as it was an OT weapon, though I won't completely discount the possibility since it was technically a Christmas weapon, so it might get the conversion treatment; other than that, we have to wait for the Milliorazi Dusk, though that is a 15* from Episode 6.

@AndrlCh said in Cathy's Techter Guide:

we have to wait for the Milliorazi Dusk, though that is a 15* from Episode 6.

Do we have to do some elaborate item trading? Or is it a drop? Or Collection file? Because I'm not good at mobile bosses or anything like that. Pretty much cannot do the Crimson Felwyrm as an example.

Because the only sources of the 15-star you speak of looks like an Evangelion Collab drop or from "The Piper of Disharmony." (Ultra Hard.)

@coldreactive It is a drop, originally from the Evangelion collab boss, but later from a Limited/Level-Up Quest and Tokyo Rainbow Bonus Quest. Outside of the Bonus Quest, there is no way to be sure where it will drop once it comes to the Global version, or if they may even add it to some exchange shop.