Cathy's Techter Guide

Similarly to Lynn F. I also wrote a guide for Techter however I decided to make it more NA friendly by deliberately using NA terminology and adding skill trees for levels 75 since that's the current level cap here.

I tried to go into detail as much as possible, explaining why some things work and others don't so that new players can more easily understand why other guides simply dismiss certain skills/techniques (Yes, I leveled Poison Detonation for that). However it's still very likely i missed something in which case feel free to ask questions or suggest things with which I can improve my guide.

Nice guide, thanks!

@Cathy I am looking for a good more healing type build and subclass to help with solo survival for Techer. Thank you!

@lxLANDROxl wdym healing type build?

@Cathy looking for build I can play solo when need be, but is a more support class build in groups

@lxLANDROxl There is no class combo that is more support than others. All Techter builds, that can do solo well, are equally supportive.

what kind of items should i feed my mag for a techter/hunter

As Te/Hu you prefer a MEL Pwr mag So you can feed it Melee weapons (orange) and when the Dex gets too close to a level up you feed it Monomates

Alternatively you can spend Photon Spheres next to the Ex-Cube shop on Mag food devices which boost one specific stat and bypass your mags hunger meter (so you can feed all of them at once).

@Cathy okay thank you for your help Im finally understanding the techter class at level 50 thank you

@Cathy thank you for the guide it helped me to not fall into any pitfalls when spending my sp, but my only question would be is, would i want a pure mag or a more diverse one for more survivability, as a casting Te/Br?

You always want pure Power/Pure Dex mags

The game doesn't reward you for investing in defensive stats on your mag at all. Don't worry if you already did tho, there should be a item in the Ex-Cube shop that allows you to reduce individual stats on your mag.