*Grim Assassin

I really want this weapon camo. Are there going to be any opportunities to get it in the future? It feels extremely unfair to have missed it just because I wasn't around during release.

While I do see it being an exclusive camo and being that if you missed it you missed out type of thing.

I do wish to see if there is any info on if it will make a return at a later date. Long story short; I was unfortunately hospitalized and missed out, hoping to see a return of the camo for one of the many set ups I have saved.

If no return, no big loss since I have a phantom set already in use. In the end any info be great.

Actually I've become curious about this weapon, because someone brought it up recently and upon looking it up I only found that it came from a Twitter campaign December of last year. However... I started playing in January well after that campaign ended, yet I have a Grim Assassin. I've been looking and cannot for the life of me find the campaign or instance after that that would have given me the weapon camo :o. I thought it would have been a recent NGS campaign but i dont see anything. My memory is failing me on this one.