I have been 630'ing at extremely specific points of violent tremor and this has become such a massive issue that I'm certain there is a specific problem causing it. I never tend to 630 much during normal gameplay and instances of disconnects are incredibly rare, only happening once every few weeks. However CM3 is a different matter entirely. I have a nasty habit of disconnecting at incredibly specific intervals of this quest which is the final shop interval after mission 4. It ONLY seems to happen here after the teleporter starts usually and simply finishing a run has because a source of stress because of it. I love challenge mode and finishing perfect score runs has become mostly easy, but it becomes incredibly infuriating to the point of nearly making me uninstall this game for good when it takes multiple attempts to even finish a run because of this specific one issue. I have run challenge mode 1+2 on multiple ships for multiple hours with the very same people and have never 630'd once, but as soon as I hit mission 4 of cm3 that's when the issues start. Is there a log viewer to see what is causing it or am I at complete mercy of it being a complete mystery. I have done everything the PSO2 tweaker troubleshooter is capable of including fixing gameguard, doing a file integrity check and even going as far as to completely uninstall the game and reinstall fresh. Nothing seems to have worked and I've become desperate because this is the thing that is going to completely kill my drive to play.