Error 630 every 5-20 minutes since last maintenance, not connection issue?

Since the maintence on 5/11 my game has gotten FAR more 630 disconnects than it ever has before. Sometimes they occur within a few minutes of each other and the game rarely stays going for more than 20 minutes without a DC. It makes hard urgent quests impossible and most regular quest a chore, and completely wastes my gold and rainbow keys since it disconnects in the middle of them and I don't get the key back. I play both the Steam and MS Store version on my PC, they are both affected.

No other games are affected by any disconnects or slowdowns, even other online-only games I have running on my PC at the same time. Its ONLY PSO2. None of my wireless devices are affected by any lag or slowdown, and speedtests of my internet are all fast and consistent. I've played using two different routers, reset them both multiple times, played with wired ethernet setup and wireless setup, reset my IP, run as many troubleshoots as possible, messed with all my internet stuff. Its exactly the same no matter what, constant 630 errors. It ONLY affects PSO2 and was never this bad until after the 5/11 maintenance.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there any solution to this at all? I had a whole bunch of Gold and Rainbow keys I wanted to run for PSO2 day but this basically made it a complete waste since the game kicks me before I can get the good exp and completely wasted a bunch of my keys. Should I just uninstall and reinstall?