100 Campaign

Far as I know hte campaign is still running (it goes until June 2 if I'm not mistaken) and the way it's supposed to work is for every class we raise to Level 100 (which unlocks a title) we get 100 SG, with another 500 SG bonus once we've leveled all 13 classes.

Well, it was working just fine for the first few classes (Ranger, Phantom, Hero, Force, Luster), I'd get a Campaign Item alert from the Visiphone after each title was unlocked and claimed. But for Hunter, Techter, and Braver I unlocked their titles but received no Campaign reward. I still have Bouncer, Fighter, Gunner, Summoner, and Etoile left to level up so short of a miracle I'm probably not going to get all of them to 100 before the campaign period ends short of an "all quests 1,000% EXP boost" from now until then but still, I want to get the rewards for the classes I DID level up. Kinda lose all motivation to level up these classes I never had any interest in using if the campaign has prematurely ended or is bugged to the point of not giving out any rewards beyond the first handful.

Anyone else having issues with certain classes not yielding the Campaign reward as of about a week or two ago? And if so, were those the same classes? Not sure if it's specific titles/classes that are bugged, a bug that stops rewards after a certain number, or if the bug has to do with timetables (i.e. the scripting for the campaign was set to end weeks before it was supposed to).

I have all my classes to lv 100 before the campaign even started. I have not received any rewards that involve the campaign but the SG rewards for it weren't meant to be issued at the time when you have reached lv 100 for each class. The SG rewards for the campaign will be issued after the 6/22/21 maintenance. The rewards you got must be from a different campaign. Or was mistakenly rewarded.

I haven't gotten anything from my original maxed out classes and my more recent ones, so most likely you will get the rewards when the campaign is over based on how many level 100 class titles you managed to claim. (As of this post I only have 5 classes left to attempt to max out before the campaign ends, two basic classes and three sicons.)

the campaign has this note here


so whatever you got from the visiophone was not from this campaign

Could swear the rewards were marked with the 100 Campaign. And they'd pop up right after collecting the level 100 titles, until they suddenly didn't anymore. One way or another, then, it seems there's a bug. Maybe only for console players?