SHIP01: New- and Solo-player Friendly Alliance ASTAREA

Awesome, thanks.

@Alyss-Sin So, AndrlCh has already sent alliance invite to you, you just need to accept it to join us. I'll be online for a while, so you can contact me in-game or in this thread if needed 😃

@Alyss-Sin All right, welcome to our alliance!

Quick PSA:

I have received a couple of Applications from players with PN######## Player IDs.

Be aware that if you changed your Player ID after sending an Application, it is impossible to send you a recruitment invite since you can no longer be searched for by your previous PN###### Player ID.

@AndrlCh i would like to join your alliance player ID PN7394486446

@GUNBLADE-1123 I am on right now, so I can go ahead and send you the recruitment. I'm in Franca's Cafe on Block 50 if you want to do it directly (I'm usually paranoid the recruit requests won't go through), or if you don't show up, I'll send you the recruit request remotely in ~5 minutes.

Bumped for PSA #2:

When you send a request to be recruited, please remember to clear any other Alliance invites you have, as a new invite cannot be sent if you already have 5 pending; you must decline at least one for the new invite to be sent.