SHIP01: New- and Solo-player Friendly Alliance ASTAREA

Are you a player who wants the benefits of being part of an Alliance without the need to socialize? If that is the case, ASTAREA might be the Alliance for you.

The idea behind ASTAREA is to provide less socially-inclined players a place to gain the benefits of an Alliance (like Photon Tree buffs, the Alliance Shop, or campaigns that require being in an Alliance) without needing to be part of a larger group dynamic.

This is not a completely asocial concept, however; if you are a new or inexperienced player who wants some extra guidance as you embark on your PSO2 experience, we encourage you to join, just don't expect full hand-holding.

If this appeals to you, come be alone, together, in ASTAREA.

If you cannot reach me (AndrlCh) in game, you can also contact our Officer Fiona Respha to join.

Just a update; we are currently at Level 4, and we do encourage any new or inexperienced players who want guidance (not hand holding) to join us, even if it is just as a stepping stone until you find another Alliance.