Will NGS come with "new" storage?

Because it's going to be a nightmare if all we have is PSO2 storage.

I'm trying to get my inventory together for ship transfer, selling all sorts of stuff and I haven't even accounted for my furniture. 😵

I assume it will, they'll want to sell inventory/storage expansion items.

Storage is shared with PSO2 + your PSO2 character's inventory is treated as another form of a bank while in NGS.

New-wise you get 100 inventory slots in NGS.

@Neosiotype Seems like the storages are shared, personally I think I'm just gonna get 30 days of extended storage (SG shop) and dump my PSO2 items there (once the 30 days expire, items can still be retrieved from it, you just can't store more items there), while for NGS I'll be using the basic, character and material storages.

What we saw of the beta wasn't hugely demanding of storage space, with a limited selection of identical equipment you don't need to keep for having many or specific augments, the reduced number of healing items (just Restasigne and Reversersigne) not taking up inventory space at all, more cosmetics being ticket items that stop taking space upon use, and fewer non-material storage hogs like furnishings.

It'll be interesting to see if the full release has more to use it. If not, Material Storage is going to be a more useful purchase than on OG PSO2 because towards the end of the beta most of my possessions were augment capsules and they can go into Material Storage quite happily.

This has me realising that I really hope Material Storage purchase is shared between OG PSO2 and NGS, because otherwise that's either a doubled expenditure or an incentive to stop playing PSO2 because it'd cost SG to stop materials from that filling storage.

@Miraglyth "Material Storage Use Expiration Date" seems to be shared, thankfully.


Great spot! Thanks, that's reassuring.

thank goodness! I was also wondering if there can just be one storage proportionate to X amount of characters on the account. Since Sega has done that with weeklies and dailies (I believe)... I would just love to have an ACCOUNT STORAGE = BASE_INV * ACNT_CHARS , so I don't have to keep logging out and logging in to millions of characters, please Sega Q_Q