How do ya'll make meseta those days?

I was a big fool for not trying to take the opportunity to farm cradle for excubes to get a lot meseta.

I am asking for what ways are now used to farm meseta because there are certain fashion items and weapon camos that cost like 200 million, I barely reached 50 million meseta on my entire playtime accross this year.

Cradle triggers are still available, check with your Alliance and the blocks where triggers are run on your ship.

Excube->Grinder->Sell on NPC

Outside of cradle or selling AC scratch items:

Some Affix fodder you have laying around in your bank might be worth a lot. High end crafting parts (gold, plam, Emerard, Diard) are selling pretty well now too.

If you're at level cap you can easily farm "Malevolent Void" on SH (maybe even XH now) solo, and that will give you a good amount of excubes per run. You might also get lucky and bag some Starquake units or weapons to sell.

There are also various "new" UH UQs that very rarely drop expensive camos, it's a longshot but you could try for some of those.

Not sure who's buying 100M stuff. I have trouble selling scratch emotes and accessories for 10-20M.


You'd be surprised. Depending on what ship you're on and I guess how much of the player base farmed cradle would also take that into account. People are buying up the 100m camo and outfits even if they're high prices...some where even listed for 200m >.> and people do eventually go for them.

AC scratch prices are exploding. I was lucky enough to get a mini ghost suit for 300m. But yeah cradle runs are your best bet, because they yield ex cubes and catalysts.

I snipe things from f2p people who try to do item transfers via the shop. Don't even have to play the game to make billions. 😼

Cradle is still one of the best! Don't forget you can also whisper or kudos sellers for lower price ^^

I wish there was a better way to use the Forums here; all my emails and accounts are all different x-x; Sega why is there no dedicated account portal to manage one's account with emails, 2-factor-auth, etc. 😕

Arms dealing mostly on my end.

sell loli

@n_n How do you do that?

@Charus said in How do ya'll make meseta those days?:

@n_n How do you do that?

Just look at the shop and see something priced really really low and be quick and grab it. Then you just re-sell it for the original price.

It's a dick move but its part of the rick on being F2P.