Option to remove base wear.

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You want to be walking around public in your underwear?

You don't know me.

I am just waiting for a really good investigator trench coat and a flash emote and I am set to be detained.

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@Reilet said in Option to remove base wear.:

You want to be walking around public in your underwear?

Yes. At least to show off those awesome paint you put on your character. They don't have enough outfits for pso 2 yet soo.... lol bikini.png

Neck too long and head too big. Plz fix k thx.


It would also be a helpful feature when using the personal shops. As it is right now, IF you're shopping with the opposite gender you can preview what basewear/innerwear looks like on its own, but if you're shopping with the character that gear is made for, you don't get to see it because your other "layers" will always obscure it. For example if you've got the Froid Gallows or Bitter Simoon basewear equipped, you're not going to be able to see any form of innerwear, as you're already covered head to toe with, in essence, a "full outfit." Yea, some of the basewear is already pretty skimpy (think I saw some lore explanation somewhere claiming "exposed skin promotes photon generation" which I guess is a clever way to address the "the higher tier the armor, the less it covers" trope), but some of the innerwear (like martial Lilian) and even body paint (like the "fully body tights") covers just as much, if not more, than a lot of basewear, outerwear, or even full outfits, so in some ways it doesn't make sense that we can't just use innerwear on its own.

But, we all know a significant number of players will just use it to run around in their skivvies and ogle at the jiggle physics.

@zaffy2005 There is a workaround to view Innerwear in the shops: if you are wearing a single-piece Outfit, when you go to preview the Innerwear, it will show you just in the Innerwear.


I also check to see if they have other items that will remove it in that same player shop like an outfit, or go to the item first. But yeah again to much work around.

@ERICK001BC Indeed, it hearkens to an overlying issue many players have been griping about: ineffective or sometimes entirely non-existent previews options.

The option to remove base wear or the introduction of an invisible base wear item would be dope. I think it would incentivize people to spend a little more $$$ whether it be with AC on tickets or with Meseta in the player shops. As things stand currently, not much point in buying clothes you can't see.

@J1 yeah innerwear has been going really cheap

@J1 If they do release it I feel it will be one of the "sale" options. As the more risque ones like the suds, and towel (1st not the soaking wet one) have been released there.

I have to agree, I am annoyed that I want to change my outfit from the base experience and I'm in the level 60s at this point.

I put chest hair on the character, why am I banned from seeing it?

+1 to this... seriously, why is this not a thing?? what a stupid option to add bikinis to the game only to not see them! I spent $22 on scratch only to get a useless item!

@Mother-Vain For the male characters there are some topless basewear options at least, so the pectoral foliage can breathe free. It just severely limits your options for overall look.

I second this suggestion!