Option to remove base wear.

I bought some nice inner-wear outfits but cant even see them due to not being able to remove the base wear outfit. Can this be an option to remove or is this an xbox thing?

You want to be walking around public in your underwear?

About the only way I know that you can see your inner wear is to go to the salon, but I agree wit you some of the inner wear you can get doesn’t just look like underwear, on the JP server I have a inner that looks like a cropped cut shirt and boy shorts but you can only see it in the salon or if I’m wearing a skirt, ether an option to remove base wear or a base wear that’s basically invisible.....invisawear 🤓

In FFXIV we have glamour items (our camo items) called the "Emperor's New" Set (a play on "The Emperor's New Clothes" story), which are basically invisible versions of gear. Putting a full set on basically renders all of your gear invisible, and has you looking like you're naked. You could always suggest that.

@Reilet said in Option to remove base wear.:

You want to be walking around public in your underwear?

Yes. At least to show off those awesome paint you put on your character. They don't have enough outfits for pso 2 yet soo.... lol bikini.png

Yes! Why did I use the frill innerware to not see it? I could have sold it for a mil or two at the time. Instead all I can see is a hideous red one-piece thing.

Most people in pc had to use a mod to make the starter basewear invisible so they could see the innerwear

And some would use a mod to make the inner wear invisible too :wacko:

I agree that needs to be a feature to be able to remove the base wear