Different character slots between games ?

What i mean is if your a free to play player and you already have three characters in pso2 will you not be able to create a new character in the other cause that would seem pretty bad

If what you're asking about is "can i make more than 3 characters for free" then it is highly likely that the answer is: hell no. Depends on how well character slots are selling i suppose.

Also, if they let you play NGS only without connecting it to PSO2, they would have needed to make the improved versions of beginner outfits and hairstyles free, so this pathetic joke of progression and connection between the two games is simply so they can save money and resell stuff to idiots.

both PSO2 and NGS share your characters so no you not gonna be able to create a new character in the free slots if you already have 3 characters however you can use all cosmetics in 1 character.

I'd like to add prior to EP2 you only had 1 character slot as a free player. EP2 (July 17, 2013) added the 2nd slot & the 3rd free slot wasn't added until EP4 (January 27th, 2016). I also find it unlikely, but Sega may surprise, given the gap since the last. Only time will tell.