Does Gene's Weapon/Camo Exist in Global?

I have a character based on Gene from PSO2es, and I was wondering if the weapon she is commonly seen using exists in the global version at all. I've tried looking for it, but the only appearance of it I know of in our version of PSO2 is in the Gene emote from the Idola Scratch. Is it just not listed, or does it really mot exist in our version?

The weapon or camo I'm talking about is or resembles the Fossil Tricks, which is a 10 star Dual Saber in the JP version of PSO2. I don't see it on the NA arks visiphone site, but it is on the JP one, so I'm not sure if it's just not listed or doesn't exist in our version too. Here's a picture of it. 128px-FossilTricksIcon.png

It doesn't exist on Global unfortunately, however you could get similar models from these 2 camos in the Photon Booster Exchange.

  • *Nolnir Litage


  • *Razwal Litage