About Urgent Quests going forward in NGS

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So we're not going to get a 15 minute heads up and all that comes with it (cuz I really love the music they used in the beta) with the release? I'm curious in the direction they will go with this, I'll miss the feeling.

No they mean a calendar like we have for PSO2 to tell you way in advance for the whole week(s).

It's just back to classic PSO2. It implies some good things most probably like UQs not being gear-keeping quests or the only sources of some stones, and that you're supposed to play the game and treat them as a bonus only.

Oh ok, that makes more sense.

This is likely going to be due to UQ being Regional, independent and tuned for specific BP ranges. Aelio could be rotating through one set of 950 BP UQs while the other Regions would have their own sets of higher BP UQs all happening at the same time.

The seasonal events would likely have advanced notice so players can known which regions they need to be in at what time to participate in the Event UQs.