Attention all Oceanic players ! Australians, Kiwis, Asia and those who just like to hang with :)

Hi Phantasy Star Arks and to be Arks, so much hype for New Genesis and its well deserved, the beta test went really well and it was loads of fun!

I am calling out to all players in the Oceanic region and players who just like to either hang out with us Oceanics ;0 or just play at odd times like when we are mostly on. An Oceanic Arks discord has been formed, it's totally fresh and I invite you all to join and help to build up the community as we head towards the full release of NGS.

The discord will be both a Oceanic community Discord and will also host an Alliance for those who wish to join it, however it will be hidden from the main community to keep the discord clean.

As this is a new community, I will be looking for members who would like to play a larger part in Community discord helping to get it going and keep it running. For the Alliance I will also be looking for members who would like to help get it going and running the Alliance.

A little about myself, I am of late mature age and involved in 2 businesses in real life and also a University lecturer. I manage another Discord server for a MMO I use to play that has 300 members and I have been GM for guilds in various MMOs over the past decade.

I am committed to build this community, and I know it's hard to take the step to join yet another Discord, but I do really hope you choose to jump on board from the start, NGS will deserve it, and it's a great time to join something that is new with a fresh game from the beginning.

Here is a link to the Discord and I welcome you to join this adventure.

link text

3 days to go everyone , come in !