Mission Pass Gold Ticket and Premium Set Pack clarification

Hi there, hi @GM-Deynger (or any other GM ^^")

Does the Premium Set Pack include the Mission Pass Gold Ticket?

I'm a bit confused about this and many others seem to be unsure about it too (as looked it up and found several discussions on this topic). As I bought the Sonic Edition I got a Premium Set Pack fpr 30 days and the Mission Pass Gold Ticket, besides many other things. The Ragol Memories Pack Also contains both as separate items.

But your website states that you get the Gold Ticket with the Premium Set Pack (https://pso2.com/news/blogs/missionpass). e2b628b1-5113-4b4a-a733-40c9533b4566-grafik.png

As the in-game store doesn't list every single thing you get (you really should list every single thing) people haven't found the right answer yet. What is the official answer on that?


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I glanced at this thread(and main website) but didn't see any mention of what premium gets you or what all the different passes are used for, so could someone give me a TLDR version of:

Premium Sub(I assume this is the usual mmo monthly sub) what do I get with this. Battle Pass,Mission Pass and whatever other kind of pass there might be, do I need these even If I am a premium sub?

Right now from my confused point of view it seems like you "need" 3? subs to enjoy the game to it fullest.

@GM-Deynger this topic would make a great article for those of us who didn't play JP version and are coming from older PSO tittles who did not have any of these passes.


Hey Neo, thank you for @ing me. It's actually really helpful for those that need input, since there are so many forum posts (which is great!) We have articles slated for release, but they're still under review. I'll try to explain a bit though.

Premium does include a Gold Mission Pass ticket. These are good for the entire season that you use them on, and you will be able to collect rewards from both tiers of the Mission pass (purple is normal rewards, gold tier is what you gain additional access to using one of these passes). The mission pass IS the battle pass. Premium subscription comes with this Gold Mission Pass ticket in addition to the rewards given to Premium subscribers on the JP server.

And you're right, in that the premium is basically the "paid" option for subbing to the game. Of course, these are all just general quality of life improvements as well as cosmetic bonuses.

Oh I haven't found that one. Thanks!

Just to make sure I’m understanding this post premium comes with the gold mission pass? If so what are the gold mission pass tickets used for? To activate the gold tier when you don’t have premium? Sorry I just want to clear up my confused brain

@SaviorZero82 The Gold Pass Ticket activates the Gold Tier as you said, and you can eitther obtain one from the SG Shop or from purchasing a Premium bundle. Premium itself does not activate the Gold Pass, rather it comes bundled with a Gold Pass Ticket: alt text