Pulling the plug on PSO2?

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Even the Quna battlewear outfit from Oracle Renew 5 (Zelsius) has never been available to PC players before unless we sacrificed Zamlord to get it

I know more than a few people on global with qunas battlewear.

Then they either sacrificed Zamlord to get it or played on Xbox to get both during Season 1 which was never available to PC. There is no other way. Mission Pass outfits weren't tradable. Zelsius wasn't a part of the ARKS Badge Green exchange from the Episode Oracle Pack and the layered wear version of Zelsius from was from an SG scratch that Global never got which also didn't make the cut for the permanent SG Collection.

This is of course just one example. Your preferred Oracle Renew 5 also conveniently includes Ulku's Blink Mechanic and Theodor's Ultion outfits. The base colours of both of those only ever appeared in Fresh Finds before PC released, and since Fresh Finds outfits aren't tradable either PC was never able to get those either. (Though Blink Mechanic at least was available via the Episode Oracle Pack, iirc requiring an awkward number of ARKS Badge Green and for you to sacrifice most of your accessory slots unlike the outfit version).

Point being PC got shafted on these looks and after more than several months never got that made up. At all. By any means. Oracle Renew 1 is being restored in NGS after 2 months on JP and giving Global full access for the first time. That's a dramatic improvement in how they're handling a revival.

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And the shaft is re-releasing a scratch about 2 months later, because the kicker will be that it will have all the same cosmetics, but different scratch bonuses. id call that a cash grab.

Feels like you're moving the goalposts here considering your complaint earlier was "exclusive pre-ngs renewal scratch we didnt get". How is the likelihood that we will not only get them but in a 1:1 replica set not a perfect response to that?

@Miraglyth No goal posts moved, thats just why i didnt expect a re release so soon. Jp will already mostly have what they want, and theres probably some still on their pso2 markets. It would make me mad if they did that too.

In fact, i really was expecting these before ngs launched, but ofc we never got the graphical update to go with it. This is all because Sega didnt handle things right. theyre shafting someone in the end.

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@Miraglyth No goal posts moved, thats just why i didnt expect a re release so soon.

To go from "usable ngs body items that were exclusive. Some of which i would have liked to have" to "didnt expect a re release so soon" seems pretty goalpost-movey to me.

@Miraglyth they were still exclusive. According to you there are actually a lot more exclusive things.

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@Miraglyth they were still exclusive.

And that seems set to change. That should be good enough.

@Miraglyth it is good, but the way they are doing it is still shaftey. its just not global getting it this time.

@Miraglyth oh and tbo, i did forget just how long JP had the graphical update before ngs launch. i didnt even see the oracke renewals they did before the 5th, all made for the ngs body.

@AngryRhombus563 Perhaps maybe you should look into the more virtuous aspects of mankind, such as patience. It will come in handy in life. Especially when you get stuck at the DMV. Or have to wait for an in game Scratch ticket line.

Wow! Been almost a month since a post here! 😮


So apparently Sega is letting us take a few more swings at PSO2! 😄

The events give a TON of rewards, plus tickets to get stuff from the SG scratch! ❤

I don't think they should do it right now but later down the line ( maybe halfway into Genesis life cycle ) that they should just shut down based pso2 as I'll be no point keeping a dead MMO a float

I think shutting it down would just cause them to lose even more players.

@Weirdo But they wont see it as too much of a loss. SEGA never really wanted to deal with the rest of the world that badly anyway. took them 8 years to take the leap. I myself was extrememly surprised when i heard pso2 launched globally...

Didn’t Microsoft pay for the port or buy pso2 tho?

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Didn’t Microsoft pay for the port or buy pso2 tho?

Yes, MS funded the western release, which is also the reason PSO2 was released on their platforms first. No one seemed willing to step up before that.

Like I hate to say this, but pso2 is more active than NGS currently. XD