Pulling the plug on PSO2?

So I just saw the latest news announcement, does this mean Sega is turning the lights off for PSO? 😧 https://www.pso2.com/news/announcements/pso2changes

No, it means they're making those changes to base PSO2 and moving forward with NGS.

Did anybody actually expect anything besides maintenance mode for base PSO2 come NGS?

@Laep said in Pulling the plug on PSO2?:

No, it means they're making those changes to base PSO2 and moving forward with NGS.

Did anybody actually expect anything besides maintenance mode for base PSO2 come NGS?

I don't think people were expecting things to be removed though.

Log in bonuses, Magatsu Silver and Gold keys from presents,Fresh Finds (being replaced with treasure shop, but no info on what it will contain) PSO2 Day Premium Rewards, Scheduled Urgent Quests, Returning Player Bonuses,Friend Referral System.....all of this discontinued.

Some of these may not be a big deal to most, but some of them are pretty big. I wouldn't be surprised if Star Gems get removed from places like the casino soon as well.

It feels like there is an effort being made to kill off PSO2. I made a prediction that it will be dead and shut down within a year and I am sticking by that at this point.

Treasure Shop better not be disappointing. I have been waiting on a few Fresh Finds revivals since forever (I couldn't play before steam release).

I'm hoping they'll just throw every single FF and MP item into it have all of them available to purchase anytime-- none of this FOMO bullshit. I'm sick of playing the waiting game to finish my character's main look from JP.

Fair enough, Sega wants NGS to succeed. Can't blame them for setting PSO2 on autopilot mode. I just hope they don't shutter the base game too quickly once they figure out to detach them.

They just don't want to force people to play PSO2. Thanks to PSO2 and NGS being the same game by technicality, many of these things would "force" any new or returning players - or people who just don't want to play PSO2 anymore in favor of NGS - to have to play an older, less active game just to get items and currencies for the game they actually signed up for, which sounds like a great way to turn these people off.

Most of these big changes should have been expected:

  • Log-In Bonuses: Moved to NGS. (An update would be expected, but being moved entirely is not much more surprising)
  • Removal of Mission Pass (PSO2), Fresh Finds, etc... : SG items, which are monetized, are moving to the game they are going to actually update.
  • Removal of Premium PSO2 Day: Premium benefits, which are monetized, being moved to NGS.
  • Magatsu Silver and Gold key distribution ending: Moving SG sources to NGS, for obvious reasons. All other SG sources should be expected to move as well.
  • Scheduled Urgent Quests: The game is moving into maintenance mode.

What seems to have been ignored is it's not all removal - other things have been changed as well:

  • ARKS missions are going to be more rewarding
  • Special Presents will be more rewarding (despite the removal of Magatsu keys)
  • Treasure Shop added: Given the reaction when Global had Fresh Finds instead of the Treasure Shop, I am assuming this surely has to be less scummy
  • PSO2 days are getting buffed quite a lot

@HermitST said in Pulling the plug on PSO2?:

I wouldn't be surprised if Star Gems get removed from places like the casino soon as well.

Yeah, (unless they want to change all SG purchases into FUN point based purchases) this is basically a fu to all who still want to play base PSO2. There is no point in some of these changes other than to crap on their old content, "maintenance mode" is not an excuse here. "Change is good" "removed this / discontinued that", I don't know what's worse: that it sounds like sarcasm or that it actually isn't.

I mean that is their goal isn't it? Eventually they will likely plan on removing base PSO2 to make room for other content for NGS. Sure, we didn't get to enjoy it as long, but it is what it is. Enjoy base PSO2 while you can essentially. We might get another year or two out of it, but after that, I wouldn't expect it to stick around.

Treasure shop is a JP import and you can buy some stuff with Meseta instead of Star Gems. It'll be located next to the title counter.

I wasn't expecting both games to coexist equally. But I can't help but feel like this is still a let down. Why even have the ability to transfer back to bass pso2 when there's going to be zero reason to actually play it.

I was planning on playing it occasionally to farm up some SG. Still can't farm it like JP but it would be something. Now I don't feel like there's any point at all for it to exist.

For those of you that's never been part of a PSO game shutdown, I've been through 3 of them.. and let me tell ya, it's not a good feeling. Better to just take your base PSO2 character out back and put a bullet in it to prevent any future suffering.

I'm totally kidding on that last one.

I don't want to go through that again, so I'll just let my character sit there, and start fresh on NGS.

Putting a base game in GTFO mode is standard procedure and the methods vary. If going by their track record, the base game will be around for at least 2-3 years. By that time, the gap between the available contents of PSO2 and PSO2:NGS will be huge.

Lol that would be madness. People still waste money buying cosmetics on this game.

@Pariah-Chan said in Pulling the plug on PSO2?:

So I just saw the latest news announcement, does this mean Sega is turning the lights off for PSO? 😧

Just saw that announcement. That's quite a lot to digest!

Analysis below:

Log-in Bonuses

I'm guessing this means Login Stamps. They're being moved to NGS which makes total sense to me. It's nice to see confirmation that the big items will remain.

The first-time login bonuses look to be a slight nerf to previous rewards that to my knowledge never stopped being distributed:

In all lists, it's the last cosmetic item and Fresh Aura (which was consistently placed below that) which have been removed. This has me suspecting that they might not be removed but that the lists are simply incomplete. If so, then these rewards haven't actually changed at all and all this announcement does is formalise their continued use which is a good thing.

PSO2 ARKS Missions

This is a straight upgrade as stated.

PSO2 Special Presents

The rewards from Recommended Quests are losing Magatsu keys, as they are an SG source. I've long said that if NGS is to get new SG sources then PSO2 will need to lose some to avoid devaluing SG, so this is consistent with that.

In exchange, more Tokyo and Rappy keys will be provided. Perhaps it'd have been nice if this could have been a rare way to distribute Rainbow keys since campaigns and Mission Pass sources will dry up, but I don't think it's that important.

As someone who's farmed SG for the better part of five months it'll be somewhat nice to know I'm not passing up potential SG gain by leaving Recommended Quests be.

End of Fresh Finds Shop, Introduction of Treasure Shop



This is what a lot of people wanted for a long time. Treasure Shop was always arguably a better Fresh Finds. We'll no longer have a greater SG sink than JP. Treasure Shop can still sell emotes and accessories and it's not daily anymore, but we probably will lose some 400 SG outfits returning.

Overall though this brings us into closer alignment with JP once again. This will always be a good thing.

PSO2 Day

EXP and RDR boosts are increasing. The enhancement boosts that were previously limited to sporadic campaigns are now becoming permanent and regular under PSO2 Day. These are good moves.

We're losing PSO2 Premium Day, and unlike the SG 22 Ticket (x2) there's no mention that it'll return for NGS which adds to the existing questions about the value of Premium that I expect will be answered closer to NGS' release.

We're also losing the Login Stamp bonus (unavoidable if Login Stamps are ending) and Tokyo Gold keys (a strange move, but nothing too significant IMO). The 44 SG is moving to NGS so no loss there.

Event Lobbies and Limited-time Enemies

Instead of disappearing forever these are now set to be permanent and regular. Cool!

Scheduled Urgent Quests

Not just disappearing from PSO2 but confirmed to not be happening in NGS. Kind of a neutral move. Personally I'm enjoying the idea of not having to plan my free time around a calendar.

We don't know if the unscheduled frequency will change after NGS releases, or if there'll be a way to (presumably optionally) get notifications of unscheduled OG PSO2 Urgent Quests while in NGS. Too early to tell there.

This may soft-confirm no more new OG PSO2 UQs ever - something I feel we largely expected anyway - because those would normally launch with a lot of scheduled occurrences. But supposing they are still either planned or kept on the table as a possibility, their unscheduled rate could just be bumped for a few days after launch.

Features for Returning Players

The first definite direct nerf. Not an important one as far as I'm concerned. I struggle to accept that another Triboost +50% is going to make the difference for anyone deciding whether to return.

I'm hopeful this also means that returning player campaigns (moreover their unique exclusive and recently not tradable rewards) stop being a thing in NGS, but I'm wary this could go the other way with those becoming more common in place of a standard returning package. Time will tell.

Friend Referral System

Another direct nerf. Seems kind of needless too. There's a tiny number of camos (2), furnishings (2) and accessories (13) from the exchange mentioned that'll become inaccessible over time.

Gender Settings

Neutral change. It's just text with no lore/flavour benefit (see weapon descriptions).

Overall this is good content preservation and definitely a move towards keeping activities in PSO2 while also making it autonomous. I'm not surprised or disappointed by this. I am pleasantly surprised by the preservation of lobbies and seasonal enemies.

I'm even more surprised that the majority and biggest providers of SG - Casino, Buster Medals, Rankings and especially the filth that is Battle Arena - haven't been canned yet as this would have been the ideal time to announce that. I wonder what the equivalent JP announcement said about PSO2es and IDOLA.

Perhaps the biggest real downside is between Mission Pass and what's probably Login Stamps, the regular supply of (non-NGS) Salon Free Pass and Color-Change Pass seems to be vanishing. But we don't know what Treasure Shop will contain or if we're getting any replacement for Mission Pass provisions so that may still be coming.

I don't agree this is GTFO Mode. We already expected PSO2 was going to lack new Story Quests and related UQs. All of this is fairly trivial in comparison to that, whether positive or negative. It's just an administrative sanity exercise that makes complete sense so they don't have to manage two games' worth of activities at once and with the new one in its crucial launch period.

Y'all know I complain about a lot. I'm not complaining about this announcement.

So llike. Is treasure shop gonna be that one NPC that all he said was, "Just a moment, While I verify my inventory".. ?

So with Event Lobbies being run on a monthly cycle, are we going to get the Holiday UQs, Xia Missions, and Bingo Cards that were part of those events previously, or will it just be the lobby changes and special Rappies and Nyaus.