Hey there. Just wanted to pop in here to remind the PSO2 devteam (and possibly get a reason as to why) that OT weapons have not been made accessible to Global players for purposes of cosmetic application and Phashion completion.

The files for many of those weapons currently exist within' the game files as they can be held in Challenge Mode 2: Decision. But for whatever reason, throughout the year+ of Global's existance, we have yet to be able to obtain them.

Personally, my character's phashion and color scheme has been set up since the get-go in the hopes that Double Cannon would eventually be made accessible. But every content patch and scratch that passes, there have been no chances to get our hands on them. Not even in the Weaponoid scratches that would've been fitting to shove them into.

I'm asking for myself, and many others like me, that have been holding out hope that these cosmetic options can be made available so that we can not only finish our Phashion here, in PSO2, but carry it onwards to NGS. I've been trying to remind SEGA through social media and other means about it, but seem to have never been noticed by them. I find it really hard to actually push something coming to us without a large voice and following. Receptors made their way through Twitch callouts, but my voice had been left unheard. Others have given up hope, but no doubt they're there.

So I ask, please at least explain the situation. Phashion is endgame, is it not?

I'd be willing to offer up one of my Kami units in exchange for a Double Cannon, even.