[Ship 01] Buying * Sorcerer Morus

High demand item, I know... drop rate so rediculously low, and all I've managed to muster up is 1.1 billion meseta, been trying to get it to complete the look for my phantom, the size the color fit very well (of course it would, it's dark and edgy...wooo...)

I've been trying to farm Rappies for them. I've tried AQs I've tried Risk Expeditions... I even had friends farming with me, hours upon hours... uhg... I wish I could have gotten it when it was only 300 million! I was short the funds... had I not bought some of ther things a few days prior, I'd of had the funds by the time...

Please, it's like the last thing I want in base PSO2 that carries over to NGS.

Listen, I came from JP to NA and have been farming it with 1300% RDR during PSO2 day for 6-10 rainbow keys. I still haven't seen it drop, and I'm paying 2b meseta and no one will sell one to me. xD People would rather go down with their ship than cut a reasonable deal.

@Stormrage Yeah, but trying to cover all bases, because I don't know what else to do.

so far the people I've asked who had one... only found on Rainbow keys, so far no one has gotten from a Eleph Rappy. Honestly it really upsets me, because it feels like it's not dropping at all, and we're just offered a red herring.

@darkvulpine I hope you have better luck than I do, I'm paying double and still haven't got a reply in-game or anywhere. Shame, it's the ONLY thing I want from JP I didn't get on NA yet before NGS. Truly would be the end of my PSO2 grind.

@Stormrage My hope was somehow miraculously finding two people who would sell to us.

@darkvulpine Well if you get it before I do, cheers. ❤ I wish you luck, take my energy I'm almost ready to just give up. People are legit trying to get 7b+ on Ship 1, and it sells for 1-2b on ship 2-3.

@Stormrage I know... people really scalping hard on ship 1. I wish I could just transfer over, but...taking all that money with me is also a gamble, would take several weeks to get back.

I mean... 1 billion is a LOT by itself! several HUNDRED dollars worth of scratches

@darkvulpine Trust, I've been looking. People have gotten lucky with it, I know someone who got one for a Yanpe camo they grabbed at 450m not long ago and another 400m meseta. I'm like ??? but someone can't take 1.5b off my hands? xD It's wild.

@Stormrage probably see "oh but it's worth 7 billion on Market" and probably not many people looking at the forums.

I also want it because I might go Techter for NGS, and my current scythe skin does not work for wands, and hoping it keeps the full scythe look for a wand

@darkvulpine I've just been chasing it for so long since I came to NA, I main Ph right now and I'm going Fo in NGS since there's no Katana on launch. It's the only option for me, and the model for Morus is HUGE so it matches my Fallen Angel attire perfectly.

@Stormrage once I found out about it, I had to have it. I am a HUGE fan of polearms, and scythes are certainly one of my favorites, especially when they're long and yet still well balanced looking, which Morus is, in my eyes.

also just found another person with one... but of course they're AFK or something...

@Stormrage I have friends who have been also looking out for the weapon, running their Rainbow keys with max RDR, and also nothing...

Really, the most we can hope for... is another scythe weapon in NGS that is just as good if not better. long handle, slick blade.