[Ship 3] [EU&NA] [New Genesis] [Roleplay] A whole new universe awaits for its stories...

...and you can be a part of it today!

We are a small, welcoming roleplay community and we will set foot on New Genesis once the gates are opened in June. Everyone who wants to roleplay on New Genesis will be welcomed with open arms!

Our server features several channels related to roleplay, but also channels related to the future content, the classes, and even a space to share your screenshots and your art pieces! Our plans for this growing community is to offer a space for all roleplayers based on Ship 3, where everyone can network, participate, and have fun!

Join in today and prepare for New Genesis with us!

+1 feel free to join!

With the annoucement of NGS release this 9 june, the NGS Roleplay Community Server is preparing for the release!

Come hang out with us while we're bouncing until June 9! (Wait, not everyone. Just me. Hype and all of that. But you can join.)