I recently got done playing the NGS beta, I had no problems launching the game. I also had no problem playing PSO2 during the NGS beta. I have steam excluded from my firewall.

Despite all of this, now PSO2 is slowing loading the announcements part of the launcher and Game Guard can't update, so I haven't been able to play since last time I was on 5/18/2021 at 2:35am and I missed out on weeklies.

What do I do? I've tried everything, I unplugged my ethernet cable and plugged it back it, I restarted my computer, I've looked up troubleshooting methods on my own, I've COMPLETELY turned off my firewall and it still did nothing.

The last thing I tried was testing my internet connection from the launcher and got the 12002 error code. I still can't figure out what would change in 1 day that would now make it impossible to play PSO2. So now I'm screwed out of mission pass rewards and weeklies as it doesn't seem like something I'll be able to fix soon. I have to much going on right now, I can't troubleshoot for Sega right now.

Genshin Impact works fine and so does LITERALLY everything else on my computer. So just bend me over and just destroy me, cuz it looks like someone is intent on me no longer playing PSO2.

Help if you can...