Is anyone else having issues connecting to the closed xbox one beta?

still can't connect SMH

@DaPooda Same here. Says it is normal for capacity but wont let me in and disconnects from server.

@BRANDON-A-84 yup so far the loading screen is awesome lol

I keep getting a message saying they are having login issues and to wait and then try again. Got in to the prologue earlier but got disconnected, Far as I've gotten since is the authenticating ID screen before getting an error message and getting booted back to the title screen again.

Was in the game and then lost connection during the first mission after the tutorial. Trying to get back in with no luck.

I cant get in either

@Z3roTollRanc3 Not seeing JAP error message any more so progress i guess

Same for the first 5 seconds of character creation lol.

Now I'm getting a no response from server error. Two steps forward, one step back

@Cyhireath said in Unable to get in:

Second server is up!!

Lies! 🙂

It says up, but still no response.

LOL and the traffic level for both servers is listed as "normal" what is normal?

Everyt ime I finally get to the character select screen it pauses for 5 min and then I get a no response from PSO2server message returning to title screen

@MrLightemup Same here man. If I connect to the first sever it locks up in character creater. The second server just disconnects me every time.

Man I am having trouble getting in aswell. Saying disconnected from server

I'm not even getting that far now. I try to select a server and after a few minutes I get a message saying I've been disconnected.