Is anyone else having issues connecting to the closed xbox one beta?

I have seen 4 screens and only made it through 3 of them in the past hr lol

I got to character creation and got kicked out, can't log back in

even the forums are janky. I guess normal status means booting everyone back to the title screen

Had a feeling this would end up a disaster. Well boys we waited 8 years for this... lmao

Okay, I just shut the game down on my xbox then restarted it and the first time I tried connecting I got all the way to the loading screen so far. Don't know if the restart makes a difference, but I thought I'd share it with you. See ya in the field Arks!

Cant get a steady connection long then 2 min, then dropped. Internet and xbox us fine. Just to many people and only 2 ships to choose from. At least I got a took made, but am gonna be pissed if I cant get the beta rewards from the missions

I'm in, so far so good! Finger's crossed.

Someone need to tell the suits that 1200 baud modems are not enough to run a game on.

I haven't even got past character creation. 😂

@Z3roTollRanc3 still working? If so can you describe the game to the rest of us so we can pretend we can play too? Thanks in advance.

@BRANDON-A-84 Sorry, got into the tutorial then got disconnected just as the action was about begin. Back at the server connection issue again

@Z3roTollRanc3 Welcome back friend. I put on a pot of coffee for us.. Does everyone take cream and sugar? I hope French vanilla is ok...

I was in, and got kicked mid prologue quest.

.Trying to get new game started on Ship 2. Stuck on Authenticating ID..." Havent been further than that yet. It's been about 10 minutes on this screen.

hope they extend beta of fix this fast why they should of done it in the morning not in the evening all mmo games have server problems at launch even betas hope theyre working on it quickly was really looking forward to this beta and game loved PSU oh just got back in character creation figners crossed it works this time hope everyone else gets in and if it is a bigger problem really hope they extend the beta