I know that the Mission Pass has been officially confirmed to be ending, and I don't think they've said anything about what's going to happen to the FF shop, but I have a few ideas on how these two services might be able to continue in PSO2 Global in the original PSO2 client, leading up to, and after NGS's release.

Let's start with the Fresh Finds Shop.

Similar to how we're getting never-ending AC and FUN scratches that will have original PSO2 content in them until a to-be-determined date, I propose that we do the same for the FF shop. It'll be a sort of "best of" selection, rotating the same group of items pretty much forever, until the original PSO2 client no longer exists. I propose that this lineup include popular items like the Bridal Dresses, the Bunny Suits, and so on, as well as some selected favorites by whomever is in charge of rotating the FF shop lineup. All of the emotes that have so far come up in the FF shop should continue to rotate, and there should also be a number of hairstyles, accessories and the like. Also, I feel that the daily triggers available in the FF rotation should be a wide variety of different UQs, including seasonal UQs like Christmas or Halloween that normally wouldn't be available at this time of year. I figure since the lineup will be rotating forever, it should have thirty unique days in a row, and then start over roughly each month.

As for the featured bundles on the FF shop, I think those should be brand new, special bundles. There should be one male costume bundle, one female costume bundle, and one unisex costume bundle. Each of these bundles would be something that as of yet has not been released on PSO2 Global, and would be unique to these bundles. However, these three bundles would never change.

Now, let's move on to my idea for the Mission Pass.

So you guys have already confirmed that the Mission Pass is over and done with, right? But what if it didn't have to be like that? You guys stated that we can continue to complete tier missions and the like, they just won't be worth any stars. Well, here's my idea of how it could continue on into the future, just like the FF shop.

So first of all, there would be no Mission Pass Gold. There would just be one line of tiers that you clear by collecting stars, Each tier would have four different choices, all of which are made up of various items from different previous mission passes. Every Even tier would be a set of costumes and such, and every Odd tier would be other items. For example...

Tier 1 - Choice 1

EX Triboost + 150%

Night Vision Goggles A

Night Vision Goggles B

  • Rose Saber

17: Bed 2

Tier 1 - Choice 2

EX Triboost + 150%

Samurai Helmet

Face Guard

  • Rose Bouquet

47: Pull Out Camera

Tier 1 - Choice 3

EX Triboost + 150%

Brown Ten-Gallon Hat

White Ten-Gallon Hat

  • Amore Rose

367: Fly Kite

Tier 1 - Choice 4

EX Triboost + 150%

Skull Face

Skull Necklace

  • Summer Festival Bow

332: Photo Op

Tier 2 - Choice 1

Volcanic Explorer

Volcanic Helmet

Lark Barbatos

Barbatos Ponytail

Barbatos Hat

Tier 2 - Choice 2

Crater Fadl

Crater Veil

Canary Scrap

Canary Looped Pigtails

Canary Ribbons

Tier 2 - Choice 3

Valiesse Head

Valiesse Body

Valiesse Arms

Valiesse Legs

Misson Badge x1

Tier 2 - Choice 4

Gizz Head

Grizz Body

Gizz Arms

Grizz Legs

Mission Badge x1

...Just as examples. So on and so forth for each tier.

The exception being the last tier, Tier 30, which would have special rewards! When you unlock Tier 30, you'll receive all of the materials necessary to exchange for an endgame weapon at Zig's shop!

Upon completing the entire Mission Pass, there will NOT be an Overrun set of tiers. Instead, you can purchase a Mission Pass Reset Ticket from the SG Shop for 200 SG, which will reset the pass (but only after clearing the entire thing). Also of note is that you will NOT receive any SG over the course of completing this special mission pass. However, once reset, you can complete the entire thing over again, obtaining another set of rewards from each tier (or getting doubles of certain things if you want), and getting another free endgame weapon at the end of the pass!

So yeah, I think that this would be a neat little idea that you guys could throw together. What does everyone think?