Does anyone know if there's gona be any way to get the mission badge capsules after the mission pass goes?

I've "finished" 2 of the augments on my Klaus units and have enough meseta/resources to make the final fodder piece (Guardian Soul, Doom Break III, Crack V, Origin Glare) during the 20% boost (sans multiple bad rolls on the guardian soul) but without the Mana Reverie and Aether Factor capsules it seems a bit pointless. I'm gona be on just short of 100 mission badges at the end of this final mission pass, so was wondering if anyone has heard anything about if there's gona be any way to get these after?

Does anyone know

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We don't know.

When the 25th comes we'll know if they have anything to put in its place. Good chance they'll just leave it as is though.