Not to include Character outfit as inventory space

Hello, To possibly not include the character outfits as part of your inventory to give those who only have 50 slots a little more room.

Or we could have a new storage that only allows storing of outfits and camo, and still allows us to use the items inside as such, without needing them in our inventory.

That would be nice but I believe it that way on purpose one to get people to think about inventory management and 2. To encourage players to want to expand, but yes it would be nice if the camos and other gear went into a different storage option, ffxi had the same problem then they game players gear storage that you could pull equipment form and when you changed you class/load out you could switch gear quickly, we arlready have the load out function and it will pull gear from the bank but it keeps what you had on last in you inventory

I'd honestly love a kind of fashion/camo storage.

I feel like just how many drops can happen already encourages people to increase inventory space.