Hi my all, First I would like to tell you a little about me and my situation.

I go by the handle Drjohn/Drjoanna (Not a real doctor) depending if I play a Male or Female Character ( I do play both) and for the last 4 years I have been on long term sick leave which means I have a lot of time to play Video's games and yet it still does not feel like enough 😉 and I am looking for a friendly casual alliance to join for NGS that understands my situation and does not require me to log on every day, Here is my situation:-

About two years ago I joined a gaming community with the sole purpose of playing world of Warcraft classic but as we played together, I have become very good friends with many the community as well as taking on officer responsibilities and over the last 2 years have spent a very large proportion of my time talking and playing with this community. However, Last year I started playing PS02 as something a little different to do away from the gaming community, I joined an alliance but about 2 weeks into playing a major content patch for WOW: Classic dropped (AQ40 event) and I had to focus on that for about 2 weeks when I logged back into PS02 I was alliance less despite me telling them I may be away for a bit but would be back as soon as I could. This was very disheartening for me and I gave up on PS02 entirely until about a month ago when I logged in again and started a new toon but this time I played it solo and saw it as nice anime shooter I could play to relax from time to time haven't really gotten very far about level 56.

But after playing NGS this weekend (only logged out to sleep and help in wow with 2 raid bosses there where missing a healer for) it has become clear to me I do need to give this game a lot more time as PSO2 has gone from "ah this is nice I guess" to " F**k me this is amazing"

So I would like to find people I could get to know and play with but they would need to understand I would be splitting my time between two MMO's as I will not not leave wow classic and the friends I have found there (Maybe I would feel the same about the alliance I join after a while 😛 )

Now wow classic's next major update is the the burning crusade expansion 2nd June and I will be playing that most the time for the first 10 -14 days and I am painfully aware that the release window for NGS is some time the same month!

Is there an alliance out there that would be interested in taking on some that can only give 50% of my time to?

I currently Play on ship 1 but have nothing on my account that would prevent me starting over in NGS 🙂