Raven/Nemesis Selica on Assault Rifle attachment bug

When you have the Raven Seleca camo equipt and I would assume its cousin variant the Nemesis Selica on an assault Rifle, running or just moving in the slightest will move the weapon where it probably shouldn't be. From being on your back to your bottom behinds. Even after you modify the stealth position.

This is quite bothersome.

it doesn't affect any other weapons from my experience, just assault rifles.

I would show a video, but... I don't have that privilege, so I'll provide a few snapshots. 5d861b95-c536-4b48-ae3d-381fdf1dc99f-image.png e4a295e4-e74e-435d-bbcf-0d2bae259d38-image.png

as you can see, from where I placed it on my back, it moves a significant amount down,

it also moves the depth point

Hopefully, this can be fixed, as I would assume it is just an attachment point issue.

I think this is an issue most rifles actually have

@Vashzaron I haven't had this issue with any of my other camos, just this one.

It's generally why I use stealth position..

This camo however, and even if I mess with the position... Just doesn't work as intended. It's almost like it's trying to revert back to its default position.