How to set up the HUD for playing a class that will use techniques (magic).

How do people set up the screen/HUD for playing bouncer/techter/force? There are so many spells of each element. Do people pick up a weapon of each element? Not counting bouncer's elemental changing of course. I did level up force to level 35 and Bouncer, with blades and boots, to 73.

There's a huge amount of spells, but very few of them see actual use. Most elements have 1 or 2 good damaging spells and everything else that gets used is for utility.

Many people have the support spells (Shifta, Deband, Resta, Anti, Megiverse, Zanverse) on their sub-palette. Bouncer's Jet Boots has Shifta, Deband, and Zanverse built in to it's Photon Arts, so you don't need to have those equipped as Bo.

Some other really good spells that you will benefit from having constant access to are Safoie 0 (or ilzonde - these are movement spells) and (Na?)megid 0 (Damage over time around you).

The only class of the three you mentioned (Bo, Te, Fo) that gets any benefit from having multiple different element weapons is Force (through it's skill Elemental Conversion), and you only get a very slight (a few % at best) power increase from doing this, so it's not recommended. Also, Techter's wand can change elements as well.

all 3 classes have their own way to change the element of their weapons so you don't need to bother with having a weapon for each element and just use 1 weapon to all techs.

each class has 6 weapon palletes but I doubt you gonna use all of then, Force is better to attack at distance so you want to focus in techs that hit directly the target, both Techter and Bouncer only use techs to change the weapon element but only techter uses techs to do combo attacks with Ramegid 0, Zondeel and heavy hammer, Bouncer on the other hand just uses jet boots PAs.

also if you are focusing with soaring blades with Bouncer then don't bother using techs to attack just use support techs instead like Shifta, Deband, Zanverse, Megiverse, Resta and Anti