SHIP 1: Easygoing Gamer Team

Welcome to the Easygoing Gamer team thread!


We are a small Discord server who like to simply chill and play a wide variety of games. We are looking to expand our PSO2 NA support with an official in-game alliance.

No strict rules on the team aside from being respectful to one another, respectful to the community and others, no hacking/cheating. We welcome players of all skill levels, from newbies to absolute pros just so long as you are chill!

We currently have a HQ and an alliance shop and are looking to gain more points to grow our baby weed of a tree we call Piccollo Jr. Please seek out @Spuzman in-game, here on forums or in discord to get an invite. I am currently not in the game myself as I have no xbox but I wil be joining up when the PC version get's it's release.


  • The Easygoing Gamer Discord server is a multi-game server. To gain access to PSO2 NA specific channels, go to the #assignable-roles channel and select the reaction for the PSO2 role (or any other game you wish to play with others).
  • The Discord has its own set of rules if you decide to join but as long as your chill and respectful all should be good; also keep in mind that the discord is SFW so you won't be seeing any lewds there but if you want to post some ''anime tiddies'' feel free to spam Spuz's DM's (I know he will love it).
  • You are free to join the server even if you are not in our Alliance.
  • Similarly, you don't need to join our Discord server to be in the PSO2 NA Alliance (though it would be preferred and welcomed with open arms).

Server Invite

Current Alliance Captain

Spuzzy (UK) - GT: Spuzman

Anime Tiddies 😍

Hey Teamies! Feel free to come to me for anything and I will do my utmost best to help you out!

Actively recruiting more people!!