[NGS Suggestion] in-game player store item name search improvements.

I've noticed within the NGS Beta that there have been no improvements to the player store in regards to searching for items you haven't physically seen yet in-game. Searching for an item by name is a bit of a chore, and not always do they come up. There are a few items in PSO2 that even when the name is typed 100% correctly, with capitalization and punctuation exactly as written, the item still cannot be searched for unless you've recently viewed the item somewhere in-game. While playing the CBT, I was trying to search for 3 star weapons. Filtering the search to "Weapons" and searching by price showed no results, even while there were tons of weapons posted. I then tried searching for "Sword" which I was able to see suggestions for both the 1 and 2 star swords in the suggested list, but no mention of the 3 star one. I was finally able to search for all items by recently placed sale items and scrolled through until I could find what I was looking for. Once I've "seen" the item, I can finally go back out and search for the weapon name directly. It's a really round about way to get to a specific item when it shouldn't have to be so hard...

What are the chances that we can have the player store adapted to have search improvements?

Would be nice to have a better search feature. The current one is pretty awful.