Boss Health Bar and the Ability to see others techs

I wanted to suggest if we could have Boss Health Bars because it is a bit of an annoyance that we don't know how far the bosses health has to deplete, I was playing yesterday and someone asked if we were even doing anything to the boss, I said we are but it's just slow, then said maybe we should ask them to add health bars to the bosses.

Another thing and this is of personal preference and is annoying, but unlike other people that complained about the Technique Effects brightness being too high, I dislike how I can hardly even see other peoples Techs and it's annoying because I like to see other peoples Techniques at full. I hope that you can implement something to help, even a setting that changes the brightness of other people's Techniques would be nice because at least I can turn it on for myself and see all of it.

UQ bosses have a health bar and a break bar. Field bosses most likely wont be given health bars because when you are properly leveled and geared for them you can take them down at a reasonable speed.

@LusterMain gotcha didn't know that. But I still do like seeing other peoples Techniques at full visibility unless their is a way to do that