[NGS CBT] Disable the other players's damage numbers

Good day.

Please, add an option to disable the view of the damage numbers of the other players. When a lot of players attack the same target, you see only numbers. It is not good.

Thank you

You can in PSO2 and I do that there, but the NGS Beta indeed seemed to have removed this option? A bit crazy.

@Vashzaron Well it is a beta, and they are testing specific parts of the game, and anyone playing likely isn't playing the full thing with all of its core options, so maybe it will get added back in upon release. At least hopefully it will. Personally I play with the numbers on, just resized so that everyone else's numbers are small, but still legible, and mine are medium so I can tell the difference. I do this to see where I'm at power wise, and to see if anyone in the quest is lacking, so I can possibly sell them cheap upgrades, or affixes. We are only ever as successful as our weakest links so it's better for the community if you help strengthen them where you can, especially with newer players.