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I like that site, but ...1050 power with all that ? I had 1050 on a new char I made with just 3* Gloves +12, with 2 augs, potential 1(might and stamina1) and the armor was store bought at just +2 as a lvl 11 (with all the skills). No sub class either. Funny thing is first char had all the classes except Tech at least lvl 8 (highest lvl 10) with the hunter main, fighter sub, with a sword +17 potential 1, 2 augs as above, all armor at at least +6 and still didn't even reach 950. I guess those 3* gloves on my 2nd char made all the difference.

@ShinoKoba Yeah that stuff for 1050 does not seem to be correct, in fact adding a multi weapon to my weapon did not change my battle power at all.

Hello @Vashzaron & @ShinoKoba!

I'm sorry if the information was inaccurate 🙏

I have to say I aimed higher than I thought to drive people giving their best and reaches BP 1050 with ease.

I hope you enjoyed the other ressources such as gathering and augments ones!

Have a good one and see you soon on Halpha! ☄