Removing and reapplying layerwear resets custom colors

As the title says.

I believe this to be a very annoying bug since it seems that removing layerwear (whether it be base or outerwear) and re-equipping it in the salon seems to remove any customized color and reverts the clothing to its default colors. There are some cases where the customized color will pop back on after removing and re-equipping a second time. But I can see this bug causing some frustration, since it actually costs color passes to change the color of clothing.

Hope this gets to be fixed upon release!

I also had this and hope it is fixed in release. I was shocked to see a really bad bug in the salon like this since the salon has been released to JP for over a month now. But yeah, this is not a free thing to fix so it's a bad bad bug to have.

Since that bug has been patched on the current live JP build, it is likely that the beta is just using a build that predates the fix.

Glad to hear it

Also, due to the bug when it was on the JP server, they did distribute N-Color Change Passes to players who had used them when the bug was present, even if they hadn't been effected by it, so even if it is still present/reintroduced accidentally at launch due to some accident, it doesn't seem like they are going to leave people high and dry.