Save character data (new genisis beta)

Hello. there is no information seemingly anywhere about saving character data for the new genisis beta? I'm desperate to do this before the beta ends, my character is perfect and I don't want to lose her...

Data should be saved locally, not on the server. So why can i not find any information about this?

The beta does not have the option to save character appearance data. The only thing you can do is go through every customization option, screenshot the sliders, and manually count how close to center they are.


That's if nothing changes based on player feed back with ui or any thing.

It definitely sucks for people who put a lot of work into their beta character, but I imagine that they had their reasons, like potential incompatibility with the character appearance files in case they make tweaks to the character creator, like not having the same faces, or changing how some sliders behave. That said, from what I could tell, it was pretty much the same sliders (both in type and range) as are currently available on the JP server, just with a slightly different coat of paint.

Thanks for the warning guys. Just started this game a couple days ago and wouldn't have known. Y'all just saved me some serious cash and a ton of rage, thank you from the bottom of my heart, seriously. No sh*t.👍

@Capt-Hemphog The NGS closed beta is already over. Going forward with PSO2classic and the eventual full release NGS next month, the topic of this thread is a non-issue.

@AndrlCh Thanks man, that makes me feel a bit better. The reason I thought this was a current thread though is that it was posted recently. Could you tell me how long the current version has been up?

@Capt-Hemphog The Global version of PSO2 has been running since April of 2020 (the closed beta was in February, and the open beta in late March), and NGS is set to release in June of this year. The closed beta of NGS was this past weekend, and it had several limitations that will not be present on full release.