How do I equip certain gear?

So I recently got a few swords when I was leveling my Hunter and they say Req MEL Pwr/ 400 (Current value: 358) but when I check my characters info it says MEL Pwr 863. Am I completely missing something or is there something in the skill trees I need to do?

On your Character info, you are seeing your total Stats (includes Weapon, Unit, and Ability stats), but this is different than your Base Stats; the "Current value" is your Base MEL Pwr and is what matters for equipping. Base stats increase by leveling, feeding your Mag the right stat, or by using the Stat-up Skills in your Skill Tree. I personally don't recommend taking any Stat-Up Skills with the amount of Skill Points we currently have, so just be patient and you'll eventually be able to equip them as you level.

@AndrlCh I see. Thanks I appreciate the help!