Please sega let me keep my character appearance after the beta

I spent 5 hours on it and I'm very happy with the result however there is no "numbers" or anything that would let me redo the same exact same character easily.

While not ideal, you could screenshot each of the sliders & try to replicate it when NGS finally releases.

Edit: I'm not in the beta, so I'm not sure how it looks, but I suggested what I would do given the situation.

That said, numbers on sliders would definitely help players during customization, because editing would be more precise.

@Anarchy-Marine yes it would totally help I screenshotted all my sliders but I tried to remake the same char and it's very very hard without numbers the sliders are so small it's hard to move them precisely even with a good mice

The NGS character creator will come out as a separate app b4 the game itself releases, so you have plenty of time to get your characters up and looking good once it is out.

@falco708 If you are trying to get accurate "numbers" when modifying sliders, you should be using your directional keys, not the mouse; it is tedious, and not ideal, but you can count out precisely how many tics each slider is to/from a reference point (like fully maxed/minimum or from center) and have that written down alongside having screenshots for reference when remaking the character.