Task Focus Lost After Incapacitation

Yesterday, I got incapacitated while trying to complete Bono's Side Task (I think I ran into a pair of Enhanced enemies. They kept blocking my attacks and weren't there when I got back). When I was revived in town, the game was no longer tracking that task. Personally lacking a sense of direction, I felt pretty frustrated because I wasn't sure how I got to where I was other than following the weypoint markers. It also took me a while to realize it was under Side Tasks and not Main Tasks, which probably says more about me than the game. I eventually figured out I needed to set the focus on the task in order to get the markers back, and I'm not sure if I'm just dense or if it should be made clearer. Or both. But I also don't think it should've lost focus like that.

And I noticed that the "Abandon Task" option was grayed out, but I assume that was intentional. I was that close to abadoning the task and so I could start over, too. (It's not like I had gotten very far)

It's not the same thing, but sometimes it would lose the marker when I changed Focus and after I completed that the marker wouldn't get back. Sometimes I had to change Focus and then get back and it would reappear. One thing I don't like is that some don't even have one (a Marker/direction point). Hopefully they add/fix it for the next CBT or release.

Yep had this happen too